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Mandy offers advice and helpful hints that may be useful to you and help make your life just a little bit easier.
Starting with suggestions of what to write in a greeting card on this site, Mandy also gives you plenty of interesting gift ideas at http://giftideas.chattymandy.com/ and offers her own personal life lessons at http://www.lifelessons.chattymandy.com/ which includes a Zodiac and Car Color Personality Corner , your daily Horoscope, as well as tried-and-true Helpful Household Hints Section.
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CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR ON www.parentingtips.chattymandy.com
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Annie is a contributing author at parentingtips.chattymandy.com.  An experienced educator, mother and grandmother, she offers practical, useful advice to parents.  The informative topics she chooses to write about are based on issues encountered in raising her own children and her many years as a teacher in the elementary grades in a public school system.

I hope you also find the information and valuable advice presented to be beneficial in raising your own precious children.






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