house with Christmas tree on each side and wreath on door, smoke from red chimney
           Home is where your heart is

Seasonal messages are a delight to receive.  Choose from one of the following Christmas sentiments:

  1. Christmas for me is your walkway where I pause for a moment to reflect on the love that is waiting for me just a few steps away and the strings of brightly colored lights that flicker in the wind to welcome me home.  But best of all, it is the joy that fills my heart when you greet me at your door with a happy face, hugs and kisses mingled with tears.  Christmas for me is you!  Merry Christmas with all my love!
  2. When Christmas rolls around, I begin to feel nostalgic for the familiarity of tradition, festive sights, sounds and rituals just as I remember them.  I can’t wait to be with you to relive golden moments from the past and to create new memories to cherish for always.  Merry Christmas with all my love!
  3. This Christmas if I had but one wish that could come true, it would be to spend my Christmas with you because home is where my heart is.  I miss you and will be thinking of you, as always!  Merry Christmas with all my love!
  4. Christmas time is a coming home to be with those we love…laughing, caring, sharing and being playful.  I can’t wait to see you.  Until then, have yourself a Happy Christmas season.  Love…
  5. My Christmas heart yearns to be with you, sharing laughter and joy and reminiscing about memorable moments from the past.  I’m really looking forward to feasting on your sumptuous meal prepared by your loving hands and to coming home to where the magic of Christmas first began for me.  Merry Christmas with all my love!
  6. There’s no place like home for Christmas where rooms are filled with love, where stories are told and where laughter echoes within its walls.  There is no better place like home for Christmas because home is where you are!
  7. Miles may be keeping us apart but you’re always near to me because of the love I carry in my heart for you.  Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!
  8. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, but what makes it even more special is having you in my life!  Merry Christmas with all my love!
  9. Sweetheart, this Christmas I want to give you something special…the reaffirmation of my love for you with my promise to go on loving you with every beat of my heart!  Merry Christmas!
  10. My dearest friend, the mere thought of you makes me smile because you’re one of  life’s most beautiful gifts!  I’m so glad we’re friends!  Merry Christmas!
  11. Sweetheart, you’re wonderful beyond words.  I love the way you look at life with skies of only blue and I’m so grateful that you share your life with me.  Merry Christmas with all my love!
  12. Dearest, at Christmas time when I gaze at the stars and count my blessings, they all add up to wonderful you!  Merry Christmas, my Angel!
  13. Honey, this Christmas I want to tell you what is in my heart…you are all I ever wanted, or dreamed of, and nothing else means more to me than knowing that I have your love.  Merry Christmas, Honey!
  14. Sweetie, you’re not only beautiful…you’re radiant!  You bring out the best in me and I love you very much.  Merry Christmas!
  15. My darling wife, your companionship is my delight, your laughter is my joy, your dreams are my dreams and your faith in me is my strength.  I love the way you look at life and see sunshine through the clouds.  I’m so very grateful to have a wonderful wife like you!  Merry Christmas, my darling!
  16. Sweetheart, there’s no one in my world like you…so thoughtful and giving, always caring and sharing.  You’re all I ever dreamed of and nothing means more to me than having you to love.  Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!
  17. Sweetheart, I love you for all that you are and everything that you do to make our life together a happy one.  You’re perfect for me in every way.  Thank you for loving me as you do.  Merry Christmas!
  18. Dear darling daughter, distance can never really separate us because our love for you keeps you near.  We miss you and wish you a Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.  Love, hugs and kisses, Mom and Dad.
  19. Mom, when Christmas is around the bend, I think of you…the traditions you uphold, your yummy home-baked goodies, your radiant smile and generous hugs but, most of all,  I think of  happiness and joy in a home filled with love.  Mom, Christmas to me will always be ‘YOU’!  Merry Christmas!
  20. Life doesn’t get any better than at Christmas time when I’m walking hand-in-hand with you in the moonlight after a snowfall that lays diamonds beneath our feet. The beauty and tranquility make me feel richly blessed because I have someone as wonderful as you to love. Merry Christmas, Honey!
  21. Your friendship means so much! This Christmas I want to tell you what your friendship means to me.  I know that when I need someone, you’ll be there to listen and when I need support, you’ll be there to help in any way that’s needed.  You’re a wonderful person and an awesome friend and I want to thank you for being in my life!  Merry Christmas!
  22. Honey, my Christmas wish for you may only last a season but all the love it brings will last a lifetime!  Merry Christmas, Honey!
  23. My darling husband, you really warm my heart!  I love the way you’re totally committed to me. You’re always there when I need you and when the holidays roll around, I become nostalgic with thoughts of how fortunate I am that you share my life.  I treasure you!  Merry Christmas, my darling.
  24. Honey, you’re a very special lady!  You’re strong, yet gentle, and you have your own style of being true to yourself while remaining sensitive to my needs and ways.  You’re thoughtful and caring and more understanding than anyone I have ever known and you make me very happy.  Thank you for sharing your life with me.  I love you!  Merry Christmas, Honey!
  25. Sis, I love our times together because I can be myself with you.  You always know what I mean and you never question my good intentions.  I feel blessed to have you in my life and can’t imagine having a sister who is more understanding, more thoughtful  or more giving than you.  You’re the best.  Merry Christmas!
  26. Sweetheart, you bring out the ‘romantic’ in me with all the thoughtful things you say and do that make me love you more each day.  I know I don’t always say what’s in my heart, but this Christmas I want to tell you that you are my world and that I adore you!  Merry Christmas, Sweetie!
  27. Brother (or insert name), we rarely get to spend time together the way we used to because distance now separates us.  I miss having you around because you’re my brother and I love you.  I hope to see you this coming Christmas.  Till then, have yourself a happy holiday season.  Hugs…
  28. I love that you’re my dad because I find it very comforting to know that I can come to you with anything and that you’ll always be there to listen and to guide me.  Somehow my world always makes more sense after I talk things over with you.  Thanks Dad.  You’re the best! Merry Christmas!
  29. Sweetheart, life with you is exciting and fun and no matter what challenges it sometimes presents, you always manage to save the day with patience and understanding and your delightful sense of humor.  You are the best wife ever!  Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!
  30. Sweetheart, as my wife, my lifetime mate and my best friend too, you score a ‘perfect 10’ on all counts.  You’re amazing and I love you very much!  Merry Christmas!




  1.  May your wedding day be the beginning of a wonderful journey with a future filled with harmony, trust, love and dreams that all come true.  Wishing you a world of happiness today and always!
  2. On your wedding day bells will be ringing in celebration of two very special people who have found true love .  Wishing you every happiness in your future together!
  3. To a beautiful couple…’happily ever after’ are words that are meant for you because you belong together.  Congratulations and best wishes for a future of happiness!
  4. Our wedding day wishes for a couple who is perfectly matched in every way… May your future be filled with rainbows of happiness!
  5. Your wedding day is a day you will never forget.  May your tomorrows be filled with love, happiness and memorable moments that you will always remember.  Congratulations!
  6. Life’s most beautiful moments are those you’ll share with the one you love.  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!
  7. Congratulations to a beautiful couple on your Wedding Day.  May all your tomorrows be filled with laughter and joy and the ‘Happily Ever After’ of your dreams!
  8. Your wedding day is a special occasion.  It is your first day of many happy tomorrows with the one you love.  Wishing you both a bright and sunny future together. Congratulations!
  9. On your wedding day we wish you a daily splendor of magnificent sunrises and sunsets to decorate your future with love, romance and every happiness.  Congratulations!


  1. px sorryIt takes years to develop a beautiful friendship and seconds to lose it.  I’m so sorry if I did that to us with my thoughtlessness.  Can we please be friends again?  I miss you so much!
  2. I admit it!  You were right and I was wrong and I’m sorry.  I hope you can forgive me!  I really miss you!
  3. I’m so sorry.  I goofed ‘big time’.  Can you ever forgive me? Please call me.
  4. Everyone makes mistakes, but that’s no excuse for my carelessness.  I’m sorry!
  5. I wish things had worked out differently between us.  I miss what we had together!  Is there anything I can say or do to get us back on track?  Let’s talk.  Please call me when you get a chance.




  1. Sweetheart, you make me smile when you do thoughtful things to make me happy.  You make me laugh when you’re being playful.  You make me feel cherished when we’re sharing a quiet moment together.  Sweetheart…you make it easy for me to love you because you’re wonderful!  Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!
  2. Darling,  my life is complete because everything I could ever want, wish for, or need is in you!  Happy Valentine’s Day!
  3. Honey, I find you fetching and catchy because you have an infectious laugh and a contagious zest for life.  I love being with you.  Happy Valentine’s Day!
  4. Every love story has a beginning.  I’m so glad that my love story begins and ends with you!
  5. My darling Valentine, when I’m with you I see diamonds everywhere. I see them in the twinkling stars above our heads and in the snowflakes dancing at our feet.  I see them glistening in the morning dew and then I see them sparkling in your eyes when you smile at me!  Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. man-1082938_960_720 Now that you’re retired, you really do have the time to smell the coffee and all those roses that everyone keeps talking about.  Enjoy your leisure time!
  2. If you have nothing to do after you retire, go ahead and do it…you deserve it!
  3. Retirement really means ‘getting a transfer’.  Now you get to work at home without pay or benefits.  Join the club!
  4. When you retire, you need to set new goals for yourself.  You can always aim for that hole-in-one on the golf course that no one you know has ever been able to sink!  Enjoy your retirement!
  5. When you retire, your snooze button will become obsolete and covered in dust.  Enjoy your zzzzz’s!
  6. If you don’t make the most of your retirement, you’ll soon begin to feel like you’re back at work!  Enjoy your leisure time!


  1. It hurts too much to say goodbye, so I’ll just say, “Ciao, farewell, adieu or see ‘ya!” instead.  Good luck wherever you are.  Keep in touch!
  2. Not everyone has what it takes to be a good neighbor, but you do and we’re really going to miss you when you move away.  Good luck in your new surroundings.  Please phone, write or text!
  3. When you reach your destination, remember that you’ll never be alone because the love you left behind will always be within your reach.  Take care and keep in touch!
  4. You matter to me and saying Goodbye was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.  Although you’re not here right now, I know where I can find you…in my heart where you left a part of yourself!



  1. pixabay baby showerIt’s your day to be showered with attention, best wishes, brightly colored ribbons and a lot of love because you’ll soon become a wonderful mom to a beautiful  baby.  I’m so happy for you and delighted to be a part if your celebration.  Enjoy your special day!


  1.  Today we celebrate YOU, the beautiful bride-to-be, who will soon be strolling hand-in-hand into the future with the man of her dreams.  Enjoy your special day!  With my best wishes for a rainbow of happiness!


  1. Jesus, Christ, Cross, Crucifix, Messiah  Today is a glorious day, an occasion to rejoice because God will hold your precious baby close to His heart and then gently place your little angel back into your arms with His Divine Blessing.
  2. On Christening Day, may God’s holy blessing be the guiding light in the life of your precious gift from above.  God bless baby and you!

…..more to come!



  1. px thanksThank you for filling in for me at work when I was feeling ‘under the weather’.  You did a great job!  Let’s have lunch…my treat!
  2. Thank you so much for helping me wash my windows.  I couldn’t have done it without you!  Is there anything I can do for you?
  3. You always know what to do to make me feel special.  Thanks for going out of your way to do those thoughtful things to show you care.
  4. Thank you for a wonderful evening!  You have a knack for making us feel like royalty.  Thanks again!
  5. Your caring heart was there to lift my spirits at a difficult time.  Thanks for being there for me!
  6. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.  You not only made me happy…you also made my day!
  7. It warmed my heart to know that someone cares.  Your kindness was deeply appreciated.  Thank you!
  8. Thanks for rolling up your sleeves to help out.  I couldn’t have done it without you!
  9. Thanks so much for the scrumptious meal that you so lovingly prepared.  I woke up the next morning with a yen for some more of your delicious food!
  10. A homemade meal is always a treat but there’s nothing like great food prepared by loving hands to make it an unforgettable feast.  Thank you so much!
  11. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.  It was just what I needed to cheer me up.


  1. Thank you for your heartfelt expressions of love, sympathy and support during a difficult time.  We will forever carry your kindness within our hearts.  Sincerely,
  2. There are no words to fully explain how much your expressions of    love, strength, compassion and support meant to us in our time of  sorrow.  Your kindness is deeply appreciated and will always  be  remembered.  We thank you sincerely.






  1. A house is just a house until it is filled with love, happy moments and joyful sounds…then it becomes ‘home’ where memories are created.  Wishing you happiness in your new home!
  2. May your new home be filled with laughter, happy sounds and wonderful moments!  Congratulations!


  1. WORK You have what it takes to be successful…looks, brains and charm!  Congratulations on your new job!
  2. I hear you got a promotion.  That’s not news that surprises me… you have S-U-C-C-E-S-S written all over you!  Congratulations!


1. man's hands clappingI have two things to say about your stunning performance — “BRAVO” and “MORE”!  Congratulations!



  1. Clip art nurse holding big thermometer under her arm. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. To help you get back on your feet a lot sooner, here’s what you can do…concentrate with all your might on getting better because we miss you!
  2. With this card I’m sending you big hugs and kisses wrapped in sunshine to help you feel better soon!
  3. I’m sending you healing thoughts, prayers, sunshine and hugs to help you along to a speedy recovery.  Get well soon!



  1. Congratulations on your engagement.  Before you know it, wedding bells will be ringing in your honor.  Until then, you’re wished continued happiness as you prepare for your future together.
  2. An engagement is a reason to celebrate.  It holds the promise of a happy future for two people who truly love one another. Congratulations!
  3. So you found your ‘Mr. Right’ and I’m really not surprised because you have a way of attracting ‘wonderful’!  Congratulations on your engagement!



  1. Dad,  I have so much to thank you for.  You’ve always been there for me when I needed you and you taught me so much, not with words, but by example.  You instilled in me values and principles that you yourself uphold so that I can live my life with honor and pride.  You also encouraged me to believe in myself and to be all that I can be because you had faith in my capabilities.  Dad, for all that you are and all that you do,  I thank you and wish you a very happy Father’s Day with all my love!
  2. Dad, as I watch my children grow, I hear myself telling them things you used to say to me…encouraging, uplifting things.  I see myself listening to and supporting their ideas because I want to be there for them the way you were always there for me.  Dad, I have but one wish in life and that is for my children to  look at me one day the way I look at you…with love, respect and a grateful heart.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
  3. Dad, you were there for me from the start with arms outstretched to catch me when I stumbled as I took my first steps in life.   Then when my walk steadied somewhat, you loosened your protective hold on me and allowed me to explore a whole new world in my surroundings.  And now that I’ve matured and can stand firmly on my own, you continue to keep a watchful eye on me in case I need to run into your waiting arms for comfort and support.  Dad, you’re an amazing, wonderful father and I love you dearly.  Happy Father’s Day!
  4. Dad, I’m lucky because I have a father I can count on to be there for me day or night, 24/7, and that is comforting to me and very much appreciated.  Thanks a whole bunch for all the times you rescue me, but most of all, thank you for being such a great dad!  Happy Father’s Day!
  5. Dad, as I look back on the past, I remember walks with you to the park with ice cream treats along the way and those extra nudges to the back of my playground swing so that I could soar to new heights.  I remember, too, your words of praise when I tried my best to do things right and holding your hand when I was afraid or hesitant to try something new.  Dad, those were golden moments in my youth and I want to thank you for creating lasting memories for me to cherish.  Happy Father’s Day with all my love!
  6. Dad, it’s Father’s Day and I’m sending you this written ‘bouquet’ to let you know how wonderful I think you really are.  I admire your strength of character and awe-inspiring wisdom.  You’re loyal, logical and sensible and your humor brightens everyone’s day.  Your time is rarely your own because you’re so busy taking care of everything and everyone without ever being asked, yet you always set aside quality time for those you care for.  Dad I think the world of you and wish you the happiest Father’s Day ever!
  7. Dad, I love that you’re my father and what I always look forward to is seeing you seated in your rightful place at the head of our dinner table.  It gives me a feeling that, at least for a short while, everything in the world is peaceful, quiet and beautiful because you’re there to take care of things!  Dad, I love and appreciate you more than I can ever explain!  Happy Father’s Day!
  8. Dad, you’re amazing!  You’re so good at everything that I often wonder…is there anything you can’t do?  Here’s wishing you a well-deserved Happy Father’s Day with all my love!
  9. Dad, folks see so much of you in me, so I guess that makes me ‘a chip off the old block’!  Sounds good to me!  Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
  10. Dad, you may not be one for small talk, but that’s okay because your actions speak for you and what they say is…you’re an awesome man and a terrific dad!  Happy Father’s Day!
  11. Dad, you’re often in my thoughts.  Whenever I see a well-manicured lawn, a ladder or a tool belt, I automatically think of you…the skill with which you work and the pride you take in getting things done right!  Dad, you’re totally awesome and I want to wish you a very Happy Father’s Day!
  12. Dad, when I think of you, I see a gentle giant with enough love in his heart to circle the earth.  You’re a wonderful human being and I’m very lucky to have you for my dad!  Happy Father’s Day!


  1.  Even though things may be a little difficult for you right now, I just want you to know that I am thinking of you and hoping that sunshine returns to your brighten your life!
  2. If life seems gloomy and gray to you at times, remember that  rainbows appear after a storm.  I hope you’ll see your very own rainbow of colors soon!  Hugs…
  3. The thought of you warms my heart when I look back on all that we once shared.  You’re an original, a one-of-a-kind gem whose friendship I value to this day!
  4. You’re someone I think of and suddenly smile because you have a delightful way about you that is simply unforgettable!
  5. You are surely an angel in disguise because you bring happiness and joy to those whose lives you touch and although you’re not here with me right now, the mere thought of you lifts my spirits!



  1.  Queen, Crown, Tiara, Royal, PrincessMom, you outdo and outshine everyone when it comes to being wonderful.  You’re the best!  I love you.  Happy Mother’s Day!
  2. Mom, the most beautiful rose in any garden pales in comparison to the beauty of your tender heart and delightful spirit.  I love you!  Happy Mother’s Day!
  3. Mom, you’ve given me gifts to last a lifetime.  You’ve given me unconditional love and encouraged me to always be myself and then you even did those little extras to make me happy and feel special.  Today I thank you, Mom, for all that you are and all that you do.  Happy Mother’s Day with all my love!
  4. Mom, you do so much and ask for so little and you do it patiently and with so much love.  You are an amazing person and the best mother in the world.  I love you.  Happy Mother’s Day!
  5.  Mom, you’re the ribbon of gold that binds me together when I become unglued.  Thanks, Mom, for always being my ‘soft place to land’.  I love you so much.  Happy Mother’s Day!
  6. Mom, my whispered “thank you” is yours at the end of each day for all that you do. You’re an awesome mom!  I love you.  Happy Mother’s Day!  Hugs and Kisses…


  1. You are a sweet, kind, generous and lovable lady.  I am so happy to have you for a mother-in-law and I want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!  Love, Hugs and Kisses…


  1. px housewifeDarling daughter, being a mother comes naturally to you.  What I really enjoy is sitting back and watching you all being ‘family’ together!  Happy Mother’s Day! Hugs and Kisses.


  1. px woman childTo our dear daughter-in law…thank you for giving us so much joy in our lives.  You’re a wonderful mother to our beautiful grandchildren.  Happy Mother’s Day!  Hugs and Kisses.


  1. You have a knack for doing things well but what you’re best at is being a loving, caring, hard-working and selfless mother.  Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. px mother babyA special day is set aside to celebrate all mothers and today I celebrate you because I see how wonderful and caring you are in your role as a mother.  Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. px mothers day heart My darling wife…you’ve given me a gift to last a lifetime.  You’ve given me beautiful children who remind me so much of you!  Happy Mother’s Day with all my love!


  1. px grandma and childBecoming a first-time grandmother is exciting in itself but then you get a bonus when someone tells you that you look too young for the part.  Enjoy your new role in life!  Congratulations!


  1. px flowerpotThank you for being a special part of my life.  You’ve been like a mother to me and I deeply appreciate your selfless and tender loving care.  Happy Mother’s Day with all my love.  Hugs…



  1. Red Rose, Love, Rosa, RoseThe loss of a dear mother can break your heart.  Please know that you are not alone during this difficult time and that our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of sorrow.  We give you our love and deepest sympathy.
  2. When our mother is called away to the other side, she leaves behind wonderful memories of tenderness, a beautiful spirit  and selfless love to see us through our time of sadness.  We are so sorry for your loss.  Our heartfelt condolences to you and your family.


  1. Plants, Trees, Flora, Red, Seeds, FruitsI was deeply saddened by the news of your dear father’s passing.  He was a wonderful human being who gave so much to family and all who crossed his path.  He will be sadly missed by those who knew and loved him.  My heart is with you in your time of sorrow.  Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your loss!  Sincerely,
  2. I was so sorry to learn of your dad’s passing.  He leaves behind a vacancy that no one else can fill and precious memories of his heart of gold to help see you through this difficult time.  My heartfelt condolences to you and your family.  Sincerely,


  1.  white orchid flower on black backgroundWe were deeply saddened to learn of your dear husband’s passing. Please find comfort in the thought that those we love never really go away.  They are with us when we think of them or remember how very much they loved us.  We are so sorry for your loss. Our sincere condolences!


  1. px roses dark Please accept our deepest sympathy on the loss of your beloved wife.  May you find comfort and strength to carry you through this difficult time.
  2. Losing someone we love is never easy.  Our hearts go out to you and your family at this difficult time.  (Insert name) will be sadly missed not only by us, but by all who knew and loved her, but our memories of her smile and loving ways will never leave us.  She was truly a wonderful lady and someone you could always turn to when you needed a friend.  Please know that you will forever be in our thoughts and prayers.  Sincerely,



  1. px sunriseYour little angel has been called away and our hearts are heavy with sadness and tears for your devastating loss.  Please know that our prayers, strength and support are yours at this very difficult time. Our deepest sympathy to you and  your entire family.


girl holding leash of a large brown and white dog
Pets are companions

The loss of a pet can be a very difficult occurrence for most people and a sympathetic note could just brighten the day of someone who is feeling sad and lonely.

Choose one of these messages to include in a greeting card:

  1. When a devoted companion is called away, it leaves us with a vacant heart and the memory of a treasured gift of unconditional love that will never leave us.  I’m so sorry for your loss!
  2. When a furry friend leaves you to romp freely in that great big ranch in the sky, it hurts!  I just want to let you know that I’m thinking of you in your time of sadness.
  3.  The loss of a beloved pet is almost like losing a family member.  I share your sadness and will be thinking of you!
  4. When our four-footed companion is called away, we are left with an ache in our hearts that only time can soothe.  My condolences!



  1. pixabay baby boy Nothing is so touching as the trusting, toothless smile of a baby in the arms of his proud, loving parents.  Congratulations on the birth of your handsome  little boy!
  2.  Baby boys are cute and defenseless when they’re born, but then they grow up and become a handful of curiosity.  Enjoy your little guy before he grows up and dismantles your vacuum cleaner to see how it works.  Congratulations on  your new bundle of boy!


  1. pixabay baby girl 2 Your darling little daughter has arrived and before you know it she will become ‘daddy’s little girl’ and ‘mommy’s little helper’.   Congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby girl!
  2.  Tiaras, tutus, dancing on her toes and trying on mommy’s shoes are some of the things that little girls are made of.  Congratulations on the birth of your darling little daughter!
  3. I bet you never thought that your heart would melt at the sight of a tiny, toothless grin, but babies do that to you.  Enjoy the wonder and discoveries that your new baby will bring.  Congratulations!


  1. Congratulations on your newborn twins.  You have been blessed twice with happiness and joy.
  2. You outdid yourselves…you now have two sweet angels to love!  Congratulations to you all!


  1. pixabay baby boy 3The little boy who found his way into your hearts is truly blessed because he now has wonderful, caring parents who chose to love, nurture and care for him.  Congratulations on adopting a precious child who will know the joy of family and being called ‘son’!


  1. pixabay baby girlWhen the little girl who won your heart reaches out to touch your face, you will want to give her the world, but she already has everything in you… wonderful, caring, loving parents.  Congratulations on your adoption of a precious little girl!


  1. Sweetheart, in our vast and wondrous universe, there’s the sun, the moon and  more stars than you can count…and then there’s you…my world!
  2.  Darling, someone as awesome as you only comes along once in a lifetime…I’m so glad you found your way into the rest of my  life!
  3.  Honey, you have something that no one else has…ME  madly  and wildly in love with YOU!
  4.  Darling, there’s something very special about you that puts you above the  rest…you have your very  own style of being wonderful!
  5.  Sweetheart, you’re wonderful and you make me very happy and I’m looking  forward  to spending the rest of my life being wonderfully happy with you!
  6.  Sweetie, when angels were created , you must have been last in line because  ‘practice makes perfect’ and that’s what you are to me!
  7.  Sweetheart, when I’m with you I find myself in that ‘happy place’ that you so  naturally create when you’re just being you and every moment with you is  momentous!
  8.  Honey, you really are my ‘dream come true’.  I love having you by my side because you decorate me so nicely!
  9.  Darling, you are handsome, charming and intriguing, and you have your special  ways of turning ordinary moments into golden memories for me to treasure!
  10. Sweetheart, you have ways about you that set you apart from the rest, and that makes you intriguing, sexy and very appealing.  I’m so glad you chose to share your life with me!
  11. Once in a lifetime you find a love that is honest and true.  I’m glad that “once in a lifetime” happened to me and you.  I love you!


  1. pixabay sad miss you Sweetie, I can’t help it…no matter how hard I try, as soon as I start  thinking about  you, I start missing you all over again!
  2. Sweetheart, there’s no other way to say what I’m feeling except I miss what we had together.  Please call me!
  3. Honey, when I’m not with you, I miss your voice calling out my name.  I miss the smile on your face as you’re walking towards me. Most of all I miss being in your arms where I feel safe and secure. I can’t wait to be with you again.  Please hurry back!
  4. My life is just not the same without you.  I can’t really explain why…I just know that I really miss you!  Please call me.
  5. My heart aches and my tears flow freely because I miss you that much!
  6. When I’m feeling  blue, I think of you and smile.  I miss you more than I could ever put into words.
  7. You are very important to me and I long for the day we can be together again because I miss our times together!
  8. You’re easy to be with because you’get’ me.  I miss our lively conversations and laughing with you at times for no reason at all, but what I miss most is that you always see the sunshine through the clouds.
  9. You’re an awesome co-worker…always smiling, helpful and a team player like no other.  Working with you has been nothing short of wonderful.  You’re one-of-a-kind and I miss you!
  10. A friend like you is a treasure beyond measure and neither time nor distance will ever diminish the admiration and affection that I have for you.  I miss you!
  11. You have something that I really want and need…the sunshine you create when you’re just being you!  I miss our times together!