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  1. The way you are together is something beautiful to see.  You’re a shining example of a couple who have found true love! Congratulations to you both!
  2. Together you have created your very own formula for a loving and    lasting relationship.  Wishing you continued happiness.  Happy          Anniversary!
  3. It’s nice to get together as a family but it’s even nicer when there’s something special to celebrate.  Happy Anniversary wishes to two people who look really great together!  Love and kisses…


  1. px basket flowersDear Mom and Dad…you’re a perfect example of refined love, deep commitment and a friendship all your own.  I wish you a very happy anniversary and continued years of happiness  together. Congratulations!  Hugs and Kisses…


  1.  50My darling, the two most beautiful words you once said to me were “I do”.  They were simple, yet meaningful words that embodied a  lifetime of love, trust, loyalty, friendship and commitment.  You have given me these selfless gifts and today, in celebration of our 50 years of happiness together, I want to share what’s in my heart by renewing my vow to you with these few words…”I do too, with all my love”.  Happy Golden Anniversary, Darling!
  2. As you celebrate your Golden Anniversary, may it bring to mind the many wonderful years you’ve shared together, and may all of your tomorrows be as happy as your yesterdays!  Congratulations!


  1. RoseMy darling, I love you more  with each passing day.  You’re a wonderful wife and you make me very happy.  You are my dearest friend…the kind of friend that always has my best interests at heart. I also love you because you embrace life with passion, a smile and a sense of humor and no matter what the day brings, you remain patient, understanding and supportive.  You are my everything and I want to thank you for all that you are, and all that you do.  Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!
  2.  Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could relive the 25 wonderful years we shared, living, loving, caring and dreaming dreams together.  To this day, I still look forward to that twinkle in your eyes that tells me you love me or to that special smile you save just for me.  There are times that I can hardly wait to tell you how adorable you are and how very much I love you and to thank you for all the years of happiness.  Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!


  1. Forty years together is a wonderful reason to celebrate the love between two people who now hold the secret to longevity in marriage.  Wishing you both a memorable Anniversary  and continued happiness.  Congratulations!


  1.   When a couple achieves a milestone in their relationship as you have, you know you were meant to be together from the very start. Congratulations on your (… Anniversary and wishing you continued happiness!


  1. Darling, I never really noticed that touch of silver in your hair, or that new laugh line around your smile because all I see when I look at you is the face of the man that I love to love.  Happy Anniversary!
  2. Honey, I have one word to describe all those little thoughtful things that you do for me to show you care…ROMANTIC!  Happy Anniversary with all my love!
  3. Honey, you complete me!  I can’t imagine life without you!  Happy Anniversary with all my love…
  4. Sweetheart, I treasure every moment that we’re together because I’m happiest when I’m with you!  Happy Anniversary with all my love!
  5. Once in a lifetime you meet that special someone who becomes your ‘world’…and that someone for me is you!  Happy anniversary with all my love!
  6. Honey, I love living life with you because you’re so easy to love!  Happy Anniversary!
  7. When we fall in love, we see what we want to see.  When I’m with you, I see the love of my life who makes me happy in every way!  Happy Anniversary, Honey!


  1. Sweetheart, you seem to have found your very own fountain of youth because you will always be young and beautiful to me.  Happy Anniversary, Gorgeous!
  2. Sweetheart, you are everything to me and, if I had my way, I would adorn you from head to toe with precious gems for all the world to see how very much I treasure you!  Happy Anniversary with all my love!
  3. Honey, I found my FOREVER when I found “wonderful you”.  Happy Anniversary, Honey, with all my love.
  4. Honey, my dream came true the moment I saw you and then my wish came true the day you said, “I do!”  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, HONEY, with all my love!
  5. You’ve often heard me say “I love you” but I never really told you why.  I love your ready smiles and spirited ways and all the endearing things you say and do to show me that you care.  I love that homey feeling of belonging that comes over me whenever we’re together.  I love that you support my hopes and dreams and that you listen to my concerns with an open mind and an understanding heart.  I love how hard you try to please me each and every day, but most of all, I love that you love me!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY,  MY DARLING!