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  1. Dad,  I have so much to thank you for.  You’ve always been there for me when I needed you and you taught me so much, not with words, but by example.  You instilled in me values and principles that you yourself uphold so that I can live my life with honor and pride.  You also encouraged me to believe in myself and to be all that I can be because you had faith in my capabilities.  Dad, for all that you are and all that you do,  I thank you and wish you a very happy Father’s Day with all my love!
  2. Dad, as I watch my children grow, I hear myself telling them things you used to say to me…encouraging, uplifting things.  I see myself listening to and supporting their ideas because I want to be there for them the way you were always there for me.  Dad, I have but one wish in life and that is for my children to  look at me one day the way I look at you…with love, respect and a grateful heart.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
  3. Dad, you were there for me from the start with arms outstretched to catch me when I stumbled as I took my first steps in life.   Then when my walk steadied somewhat, you loosened your protective hold on me and allowed me to explore a whole new world in my surroundings.  And now that I’ve matured and can stand firmly on my own, you continue to keep a watchful eye on me in case I need to run into your waiting arms for comfort and support.  Dad, you’re an amazing, wonderful father and I love you dearly.  Happy Father’s Day!
  4. Dad, I’m lucky because I have a father I can count on to be there for me day or night, 24/7, and that is comforting to me and very much appreciated.  Thanks a whole bunch for all the times you rescue me, but most of all, thank you for being such a great dad!  Happy Father’s Day!
  5. Dad, as I look back on the past, I remember walks with you to the park with ice cream treats along the way and those extra nudges to the back of my playground swing so that I could soar to new heights.  I remember, too, your words of praise when I tried my best to do things right and holding your hand when I was afraid or hesitant to try something new.  Dad, those were golden moments in my youth and I want to thank you for creating lasting memories for me to cherish.  Happy Father’s Day with all my love!
  6. Dad, it’s Father’s Day and I’m sending you this written ‘bouquet’ to let you know how wonderful I think you really are.  I admire your strength of character and awe-inspiring wisdom.  You’re loyal, logical and sensible and your humor brightens everyone’s day.  Your time is rarely your own because you’re so busy taking care of everything and everyone without ever being asked, yet you always set aside quality time for those you care for.  Dad I think the world of you and wish you the happiest Father’s Day ever!
  7. Dad, I love that you’re my father and what I always look forward to is seeing you seated in your rightful place at the head of our dinner table.  It gives me a feeling that, at least for a short while, everything in the world is peaceful, quiet and beautiful because you’re there to take care of things!  Dad, I love and appreciate you more than I can ever explain!  Happy Father’s Day!
  8. Dad, you’re amazing!  You’re so good at everything that I often wonder…is there anything you can’t do?  Here’s wishing you a well-deserved Happy Father’s Day with all my love!
  9. Dad, folks see so much of you in me, so I guess that makes me ‘a chip off the old block’!  Sounds good to me!  Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
  10. Dad, you may not be one for small talk, but that’s okay because your actions speak for you and what they say is…you’re an awesome man and a terrific dad!  Happy Father’s Day!
  11. Dad, you’re often in my thoughts.  Whenever I see a well-manicured lawn, a ladder or a tool belt, I automatically think of you…the skill with which you work and the pride you take in getting things done right!  Dad, you’re totally awesome and I want to wish you a very Happy Father’s Day!
  12. Dad, when I think of you, I see a gentle giant with enough love in his heart to circle the earth.  You’re a wonderful human being and I’m very lucky to have you for my dad!  Happy Father’s Day!