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  1. man-1082938_960_720 Now that you’re retired, you really do have the time to smell the coffee and all those roses that everyone keeps talking about.  Enjoy your leisure time!
  2. If you have nothing to do after you retire, go ahead and do it…you deserve it!
  3. Retirement really means ‘getting a transfer’.  Now you get to work at home without pay or benefits.  Join the club!
  4. When you retire, you need to set new goals for yourself.  You can always aim for that hole-in-one on the golf course that no one you know has ever been able to sink!  Enjoy your retirement!
  5. When you retire, your snooze button will become obsolete and covered in dust.  Enjoy your zzzzz’s!
  6. If you don’t make the most of your retirement, you’ll soon begin to feel like you’re back at work!  Enjoy your leisure time!