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house with Christmas tree on each side and wreath on door, smoke from red chimney
           Home is where your heart is

Seasonal messages are a delight to receive.  Choose from one of the following Christmas sentiments:

  1. Christmas for me is your walkway where I pause for a moment to reflect on the love that is waiting for me just a few steps away and the strings of brightly colored lights that flicker in the wind to welcome me home.  But best of all, it is the joy that fills my heart when you greet me at your door with a happy face, hugs and kisses mingled with tears.  Christmas for me is you!  Merry Christmas with all my love!
  2. When Christmas rolls around, I begin to feel nostalgic for the familiarity of tradition, festive sights, sounds and rituals just as I remember them.  I can’t wait to be with you to relive golden moments from the past and to create new memories to cherish for always.  Merry Christmas with all my love!
  3. This Christmas if I had but one wish that could come true, it would be to spend my Christmas with you because home is where my heart is.  I miss you and will be thinking of you, as always!  Merry Christmas with all my love!
  4. Christmas time is a coming home to be with those we love…laughing, caring, sharing and being playful.  I can’t wait to see you.  Until then, have yourself a Happy Christmas season.  Love…
  5. My Christmas heart yearns to be with you, sharing laughter and joy and reminiscing about memorable moments from the past.  I’m really looking forward to feasting on your sumptuous meal prepared by your loving hands and to coming home to where the magic of Christmas first began for me.  Merry Christmas with all my love!
  6. There’s no place like home for Christmas where rooms are filled with love, where stories are told and where laughter echoes within its walls.  There is no better place like home for Christmas because home is where you are!
  7. Miles may be keeping us apart but you’re always near to me because of the love I carry in my heart for you.  Merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!
  8. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, but what makes it even more special is having you in my life!  Merry Christmas with all my love!
  9. Sweetheart, this Christmas I want to give you something special…the reaffirmation of my love for you with my promise to go on loving you with every beat of my heart!  Merry Christmas!
  10. My dearest friend, the mere thought of you makes me smile because you’re one of  life’s most beautiful gifts!  I’m so glad we’re friends!  Merry Christmas!
  11. Sweetheart, you’re wonderful beyond words.  I love the way you look at life with skies of only blue and I’m so grateful that you share your life with me.  Merry Christmas with all my love!
  12. Dearest, at Christmas time when I gaze at the stars and count my blessings, they all add up to wonderful you!  Merry Christmas, my Angel!
  13. Honey, this Christmas I want to tell you what is in my heart…you are all I ever wanted, or dreamed of, and nothing else means more to me than knowing that I have your love.  Merry Christmas, Honey!
  14. Sweetie, you’re not only beautiful…you’re radiant!  You bring out the best in me and I love you very much.  Merry Christmas!
  15. My darling wife, your companionship is my delight, your laughter is my joy, your dreams are my dreams and your faith in me is my strength.  I love the way you look at life and see sunshine through the clouds.  I’m so very grateful to have a wonderful wife like you!  Merry Christmas, my darling!
  16. Sweetheart, there’s no one in my world like you…so thoughtful and giving, always caring and sharing.  You’re all I ever dreamed of and nothing means more to me than having you to love.  Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!
  17. Sweetheart, I love you for all that you are and everything that you do to make our life together a happy one.  You’re perfect for me in every way.  Thank you for loving me as you do.  Merry Christmas!
  18. Dear darling daughter, distance can never really separate us because our love for you keeps you near.  We miss you and wish you a Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.  Love, hugs and kisses, Mom and Dad.
  19. Mom, when Christmas is around the bend, I think of you…the traditions you uphold, your yummy home-baked goodies, your radiant smile and generous hugs but, most of all,  I think of  happiness and joy in a home filled with love.  Mom, Christmas to me will always be ‘YOU’!  Merry Christmas!
  20. Life doesn’t get any better than at Christmas time when I’m walking hand-in-hand with you in the moonlight after a snowfall that lays diamonds beneath our feet. The beauty and tranquility make me feel richly blessed because I have someone as wonderful as you to love. Merry Christmas, Honey!
  21. Your friendship means so much! This Christmas I want to tell you what your friendship means to me.  I know that when I need someone, you’ll be there to listen and when I need support, you’ll be there to help in any way that’s needed.  You’re a wonderful person and an awesome friend and I want to thank you for being in my life!  Merry Christmas!
  22. Honey, my Christmas wish for you may only last a season but all the love it brings will last a lifetime!  Merry Christmas, Honey!
  23. My darling husband, you really warm my heart!  I love the way you’re totally committed to me. You’re always there when I need you and when the holidays roll around, I become nostalgic with thoughts of how fortunate I am that you share my life.  I treasure you!  Merry Christmas, my darling.
  24. Honey, you’re a very special lady!  You’re strong, yet gentle, and you have your own style of being true to yourself while remaining sensitive to my needs and ways.  You’re thoughtful and caring and more understanding than anyone I have ever known and you make me very happy.  Thank you for sharing your life with me.  I love you!  Merry Christmas, Honey!
  25. Sis, I love our times together because I can be myself with you.  You always know what I mean and you never question my good intentions.  I feel blessed to have you in my life and can’t imagine having a sister who is more understanding, more thoughtful  or more giving than you.  You’re the best.  Merry Christmas!
  26. Sweetheart, you bring out the ‘romantic’ in me with all the thoughtful things you say and do that make me love you more each day.  I know I don’t always say what’s in my heart, but this Christmas I want to tell you that you are my world and that I adore you!  Merry Christmas, Sweetie!
  27. Brother (or insert name), we rarely get to spend time together the way we used to because distance now separates us.  I miss having you around because you’re my brother and I love you.  I hope to see you this coming Christmas.  Till then, have yourself a happy holiday season.  Hugs…
  28. I love that you’re my dad because I find it very comforting to know that I can come to you with anything and that you’ll always be there to listen and to guide me.  Somehow my world always makes more sense after I talk things over with you.  Thanks Dad.  You’re the best! Merry Christmas!
  29. Sweetheart, life with you is exciting and fun and no matter what challenges it sometimes presents, you always manage to save the day with patience and understanding and your delightful sense of humor.  You are the best wife ever!  Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!
  30. Sweetheart, as my wife, my lifetime mate and my best friend too, you score a ‘perfect 10’ on all counts.  You’re amazing and I love you very much!  Merry Christmas!