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  1. Sweetheart, in our vast and wondrous universe, there’s the sun, the moon and  more stars than you can count…and then there’s you…my world!
  2.  Darling, someone as awesome as you only comes along once in a lifetime…I’m so glad you found your way into the rest of my  life!
  3.  Honey, you have something that no one else has…ME  madly  and wildly in love with YOU!
  4.  Darling, there’s something very special about you that puts you above the  rest…you have your very  own style of being wonderful!
  5.  Sweetheart, you’re wonderful and you make me very happy and I’m looking  forward  to spending the rest of my life being wonderfully happy with you!
  6.  Sweetie, when angels were created , you must have been last in line because  ‘practice makes perfect’ and that’s what you are to me!
  7.  Sweetheart, when I’m with you I find myself in that ‘happy place’ that you so  naturally create when you’re just being you and every moment with you is  momentous!
  8.  Honey, you really are my ‘dream come true’.  I love having you by my side because you decorate me so nicely!
  9.  Darling, you are handsome, charming and intriguing, and you have your special  ways of turning ordinary moments into golden memories for me to treasure!
  10. Sweetheart, you have ways about you that set you apart from the rest, and that makes you intriguing, sexy and very appealing.  I’m so glad you chose to share your life with me!
  11. Once in a lifetime you find a love that is honest and true.  I’m glad that “once in a lifetime” happened to me and you.  I love you!


  1. pixabay sad miss you Sweetie, I can’t help it…no matter how hard I try, as soon as I start  thinking about  you, I start missing you all over again!
  2. Sweetheart, there’s no other way to say what I’m feeling except I miss what we had together.  Please call me!
  3. Honey, when I’m not with you, I miss your voice calling out my name.  I miss the smile on your face as you’re walking towards me. Most of all I miss being in your arms where I feel safe and secure. I can’t wait to be with you again.  Please hurry back!
  4. My life is just not the same without you.  I can’t really explain why…I just know that I really miss you!  Please call me.
  5. My heart aches and my tears flow freely because I miss you that much!
  6. When I’m feeling  blue, I think of you and smile.  I miss you more than I could ever put into words.
  7. You are very important to me and I long for the day we can be together again because I miss our times together!
  8. You’re easy to be with because you’get’ me.  I miss our lively conversations and laughing with you at times for no reason at all, but what I miss most is that you always see the sunshine through the clouds.
  9. You’re an awesome co-worker…always smiling, helpful and a team player like no other.  Working with you has been nothing short of wonderful.  You’re one-of-a-kind and I miss you!
  10. A friend like you is a treasure beyond measure and neither time nor distance will ever diminish the admiration and affection that I have for you.  I miss you!
  11. You have something that I really want and need…the sunshine you create when you’re just being you!  I miss our times together!